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3 Things Your Website MUST DO or you’re wasting internet space!

3 Things Your Website MUST DO or you’re wasting internet space!


3 Things Your Website MUST DO or you’re wasting internet space!

1.) CONNECT 👭 ✔️
Within 5-8 quick seconds your website should build your Know, Like, & Trust factor. As soon as people land on your homepage, they should know the following:  A.) Who this website belongs to B.) What your business is about C.) How does what you do benefit or add value to their lives.

Quickly building your Know, Like, & Trust from the first visit is how you get them to stay on your website a little longer, and click your work with me page.

Show authority badges, testimonials, as seen in logos, your special certifications & degrees throughout your website! Make them see you as the expert, and also show them that other people LIKE & TRUST you.

2.) CAPTURE 󾮗🏾󾆝‍❤️‍󾠣‍󾆝
Your website is actually your most powerful sales funnel! YUP! It’s your website, not Facebook. (Facebook could disappear at any minute FYI) When people land on your website, you need to quickly CAPTURE them into your email list offering a value packed freebie, pdf, video series, or an audio training! From your list, you can nurture them and build a REAL relationship (outside of Facebook) on your own turf.

3.) CONVERT 👭󾔸󾓣
Your website should do the hard selling FOR YOU! Your website needs to display: A.) The options to work with you B.) The investment cost C.) Testimonials. After they join your list, in a series of emails you can repeatedly send them BACK to your website to learn more about YOU.

Capturing a newcomer into your sales funnel is the easy part! Converting them into paying clients is where you may face a challenge. After you capture them into your list, you then have to nurture them and give them reasons WHY they should work with you, or WHY they’re lives would be better if they worked with you.

This can be accomplished through a 4-7 day automated email series. I call it the slow sale. Nurture them and add value for 4-6 days, on the 7th day ask for the sale, offer a discovery call, or tell them about a special promotion.

Recap: Your website should and MUST DO 3 things:

1.) Connect- Within 5-8 Seconds establishing the KLT factor.
2.) Capture- Newcomers into your sales funnel.
3.) Convert- Send them BACK to your website, and nurture them inside your list.

Go check your website RIGHT NOW and see if you’re following the 3 rules of a powerful website!

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