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5 Questions YOU MUST Ask Any Web Designer BEFORE You Hire Them

5 Questions YOU MUST Ask Any Web Designer BEFORE You Hire Them


5 Questions YOU MUST Ask Any Web Designer Before Hiring Them that will save you from website shame and money down the drain.

1⃣ Do you have live examples of your work (or testimonials)?

Most web designers portfolio only include the snapshot(image) of the website. You want to see the LIVE VERSION of the website so you can see how it works, navigates, and functions. Viewing the live website gives you a chance to see how responsive a website is. Most users are visiting websites from mobile devices and tablets, so you NEED your website to be responsive.

Praise/Testimonials from past clients is a plus too! You want to know that other clients were happy with their website and overall experience.

2⃣ Do you have a contract or terms of service policy?

Don’t fall into a money trap and work with a web designer who doesn’t abide by a contract or terms of service policy. To be on the safe side, ask your web designer if they have a contract or Terms of Service Policy. A contract should cover the scope of the project, refund & payment policy, time frame, etc. You can sign this electronically, or agree to the contract when you purchase.

Terms of service policy can act as a contract. You can find their policy on their website. The TOS should outline everything a contract would.

3⃣ What is your design process like?

You want to know the HOW, WHAT, (WHO), and WHEN, of your web designers process. Often times, web designers have this on the page outlining their packages Phone consults, skype sessions, or email consultations are great opportunities to ask your web designer about their process.

The design process can include BUT NOT LIMITED TO:
– the timeline and completion date
– How many revisions you get
– The specific dates when you’ll chat between website development
– The stages of your website development
– Who will be working on your website
– The design briefing
– Mockups and style guides

*The design process can vary for each web designer

4⃣ Do you use templates or do you prefer custom designed projects?

This question depends on what you want for your website. Do you want a completely unique, swoon-worthy website that NO ONE else has? Or do you just want a website that is functional and looks good? YOU WANT TO ASK THIS QUESTION! Most web designers (now) use templates to design websites. A template can be customized to fit your liking, but for the most part, they are limited to the same layout, functions, and editing capabilities as thousands of other websites!

Custom designed websites are golden! Designers are able to build a 100% unique website with creative layouts and page styles.

* Some custom designed websites can be built using a child theme/template on top of a framework known as a parent theme.

5⃣ Will I be able to make edits on my own? How in depth?

Your business, packages, and programs, will more than likely change within the next few weeks, months, or year, so you need to be able to make edits to your website on your own WITHOUT having to call your designer.

You should have quick access to:
Editing your pages copy
Adding new pages
Adding blog posts
Colors and fonts

*Some web designers include a bonus training showing you how to make edits your website.


Additional questions:

  • How long have you been designing websites?
  • Do you have a team of designers?
  • Are you skilled in SEO?

5 questions to ask your web designer BEFORE YOU HIRE THEM that will save you from website shame and money down the drain!

By the way! I’m a 󾔸 web designer, in case you didn’t know 🙂

I’d be happy to chat further about your website needs or answer any questions you have about web designers in general.

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