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Life of a Solo-Preneur: Booked myself into Overwhelm…Again + The infamous $10k Month, First Beyonce concert! Oh, and Happy New Year!

Life of a Solo-Preneur: Booked myself into Overwhelm…Again + The infamous $10k Month, First Beyonce concert! Oh, and Happy New Year!

Happy New Year-ish! We’re 3 weeks into 2017 and I couldn’t feel more refreshed after a 5 month hiatus.

I did a terrible disappearing act in August 2016. I took a break from all things social media and marketing. I know it’s not the most “strategic” and business-like thing to do. I felt my energy, my health, and my SANITY was most important at the time.

PLUS! I was going through it girl! In all seriousness, the last 5 months have been the most interesting months of my life.

If you’ve been following me from the beginning of my entrepreneur journey (or for the last year or so) I’m sure you’ve wondered where the heck I’ve been lately.

Someone actually asked if I was still alive!

Hopefully you haven’t forgot who I am and what I do altogether.

So here’s my quick life, business, and branding update since August!

(If you’re new and just joined the party, stay tuned for a raw uncut biz and life story)


Just wrapped up a 6 month mastermind in sunny La Jolla, California with Jenn Scalia PLUS I just finished my 1:1 coaching program with Biz & Psychic Medium, Amber Annette.  After a few bumps in the road (low income months, inconsistent visibility, and 1 angry client) and a business intervention I was feeling unstoppable and ready to kick my business and life into high gear.


I became a marketing machine. I was posting in 3-5 different FB groups 3 times a DAY!! Blog content on my website every week.

I even upped the price on my design services.

Was slowly getting into the groove of being consistent in my business.

I was doing “the work.”

Doing the work = Doing any and everything your coach tells you to do that results in high income months, loads of clients, and email subscribers A.K.A doing what every single successful digital marketer has done or is doing.


Clients are rolling in.

Engagement is at an all time high with my posts and content.

Industry leaders are reaching out to work with me and feature me in their communities.

I joined a few more courses and training programs. (BAD DECISION.)

The money was a nice touch too 😉

I was on the five figure-biz jammin roller coaster.

(I was doing what I learned in my trainings’ and programs from big time entrepreneurs. They call it, “doing the work.”)

The future of my bank account was sunny side up. (I was counting on “booked income”, not actual money in the bank. BAD DECISION.)

Now, me being a highly sensitive, creative, introverted entrepreneur, this momentum eventually caught up with me.


Booked SOLID!

I decide to take a little break from social media and marketing to focus on the truckload of clients that I booked ON TOP OF the current clients I was already working with. (Terrible decision. I should have finished the current clients I had before booking new clients)

Money is still there, cool.

Schedule is off.

Sleep = All Nighters > 12 hour sleep sessions

Mid September-Early October.

I realize I’m booked into overwhelm.

I’m starting to gain a few pounds.

The money is still… kind of there.

I think, “It’s okay, this is the result of doing the work.”

I proceed.

I play a little and go to a concert to see my idol, front row seats. QUEEN BEYONCE.

Should I have gone to a Beyonce show in front row seats? (The tickets were pretty pricey) No. I didn’t really have the money to go but I talked myself into it.

Work hard play harder right? NO.

#TRUTHBOMB: During the beginning of 2016 I was suffering from the exact same cycle of overwhelm. Client refund requests, time management issues, my biz was suffering.

You would think I would have learned from my past mistakes of booking myself into this mess.

The reality is this: When we’re experiencing moments of contrast our first thought is that it’ll pass, every entrepreneur and person goes through this right? We ignore the urge to go deep and really figure out WHY these situations are happening.

For me, I patch any moments of contrast up with a new client or more money. A new client truly only ADDS to the problem because I really hadn’t done “the work” on the inside.

November- December

I’m done.

My adrenals are like an old dried up fig.

Can’t fit my cute clothes anymore.

Mini health crisis.

My personal life is… well, non existent.

Self-care? What is that?

I’m behind on some projects.

I’m thinking, “ Should I start marketing again?” “No! I’ve been away too long, I can’t just pop up and start selling.”

A few clients are on retainer, cool.

I launch one or two gorgeous new website and branding projects.

Thanksgiving I attempt to spend time with my family.

Mid-December I’m starting to resent my business (and clients). I’ve created a mess, AGAIN. At this point I’m already depressed, sad, and angry at mostly MYSELF.

I proceed to work with clients. At this point I’m surviving on client referrals and monthly retainers.

(POOR MONEY MANAGEMENT + DIGITAL COURSES + INCONSISTENT MARKETING & INCOME = Low bank account. Payments in default. STRESS. Adrenal Fatigue. Feeling of defeat. )

So what happens with me is this: I begin to shut down.

My creative ideas.

My energy.

My body.

It all shuts down.

You can’t shut down when you’re running a business.

#TRUTHBOMB: When you’re a creative person who loves what they do, it can be challenging to transition from creative TO CEO, email marketer, customer service agent, etc. You go from enjoying your gifts, offering them to the world at a price, to questioning if you’re cut out for this entrepreneur life.

I was having a hard time stepping into that CEO role.

Mindset work had been key to my success.  Whenever I stopped doing mindset work, everything goes to sh*t! Literally. I got myself into such a mess THIS TIME, being positive and looking on the bright side was the last thing on my mind. 

But the funny thing about mindset work is that IT WORKS. The loving universe allows us to start over each and every time.

To get myself off of this roller coaster, I knew I had to go deep. Go deeper and find the root and cause of WHY I keep repeating these old habits.

The end of December, just before January 1st I made a commitment to myself, my business, and those around me. I would stop this cycle of scarcity thinking, poor decision making, and inconsistent living. 

My gifts can’t work like that.

I can’t support my clients in a space like that.

These past 5 months haven’t been completely in vain though.

During my time off I have:

  • Gone deeper. I was able to find the root to this roller coaster.
  • Refine my design process so my clients get the maximum results + my energy is honored.
  • Written a whole year worth of social media and content topics.
  • I’m clear on the best methods of self-care to stay in the vortex.
  • Reduced the number of clients I work with a month so I can be committed and focused on each client.
  • Incorporated a REAL schedule for work. NO EMAILS ON THE WEEKENDS!
  • My business model is getting a revamp (More passive income streams-1:MANY model)

Since this shift, my clients have been soaring with the branding I create. I’m able to operate with a healthy mind, body, and spirit.

Some people may read this and think, “ What a total mess! UNSUBSCRIBE & UNFOLLOW!”

But I’m all about being real, authentic and raw when it comes to life, business, and branding.

There isn’t a one size fits all business model.

Every entrepreneurs journey is different.

I’m still a work in progress.

I’m happy to share the uncut side to being a young entrepreneur. There’s no shame in my game.

There are thousands of young, gifted, creative, and passionate entrepreneurs who are either experiencing or have gone through something similar.

Through this 5 month journey, I’ve learned: Before the money, before the clients, before the dream life and business, the MOST IMPORTANT thing you manage is your own energy.

You MUST honor your energy.

If a 5-figure month equates to more clients, less self-care time, you hate being on calls all day, its draining, don’t do it. Either hire help to HELP YOU manage your energy or settle for less clients and a 4-figure month.

If posting in FB groups all day is exhausting, do less, or hire someone to do it for you.

You must honor how you feel.

Going forward I’m not making any promises to email my list every week, or host gorgeous Bali retreats.


But what I can promise is that every email from me, every piece of content I create, and every project I launch will be:


If it’s anything less you won’t get it from me.

If you made it to the end comment below. I’d love to know if you can relate and if you’re ready to CRUSH 2017!

3 Responses to Life of a Solo-Preneur: Booked myself into Overwhelm…Again + The infamous $10k Month, First Beyonce concert! Oh, and Happy New Year!

  1. Thank you for your honesty! I’ve also done a variation of this. And time and again I have realized that my mindset was crap. When I make the shift back to
    Positivity and Abundance (and carve out true time for self-care) things always turn around.

    Again, ha me for sharing! You certainly my have not lost this subscriber.

  2. Love this Maryssa! How’d be crazy to unsubscribe with all that honest behind-the-scenes sharing?
    Thank you for being so open! Here’s to a full on energized and enriched 2017 ✨✨✨✨

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