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The Truth About Facebook Crowd Sourcing & Why You Shouldn’t Do It!

The Truth About Facebook Crowd Sourcing & Why You Shouldn’t Do It!

Why you SHOULD NOT ask for feedback (opinions) in Fb groups about your logo, rebrand, or designs! σΎ‘πŸ½βŒ

I see this about 5-10 times a week in numerous Facebook groups. People uploading their logo or briefs they received from their designer, looking for feedback from hundreds of people in Fb groups. ❌❌

The problem with that is, in most cases you’re getting feedback from people who don’t fit your ICA. Or they’re far from being in your target market.

Someone who LOVES yellow and bright colors giving you their opinion about a dark jeweled tone design will only leave you (and your designer) confused. βŒβŒσΎ‘πŸ½

Brand confusion is the worst kind of confusion to have!

Pick 2 people (Not your husband, unless he’s your ideal client) who you feel are your ideal clients and ask them, “What do you feel about ______?” Or, “What do you think of when you see ______?”

If you’re taking the DIY route, reach out to a designer and ask for feedback!

Another thing, trust that your designer knows what they’re talking about and DOING!

That’s my #TwoCentsThursdays ! σΎ†΄πŸ½

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